Feature of S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates

S355J2G3 steel plates have several notable features and properties that make them suitable for various structural and engineering applications. Here are some of the key features of S355J2G3 grade steel plates:

High Strength: S355J2G3 steel has a minimum yield strength of 355 MPa, which means it can withstand substantial loads and stresses, making it suitable for structural applications.

Toughness: It has good toughness at low temperatures, as indicated by the “J2” designation, making it suitable for use in environments where low-temperature impact resistance is crucial.

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>> What is S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates?

S355J2G3 is a non-alloy structural steel grade that conforms to the European standard EN 10025. The “S” in the name stands for structural steel, and the number 355 designates the minimum yield strength of the steel in megapascals (MPa), which is 355 MPa. This level of yield strength indicates that it is a high-strength steel suitable for structural applications.

The additional alphanumeric characters in the grade name provide further information about the steel’s properties:

  1. J2: This part of the designation signifies that the steel has a minimum impact energy value of 27 J at -20°C. This is important for assessing the steel’s toughness and suitability for use in low-temperature environments.

  2. G3: The “G3” designation indicates that this steel is a non-alloy structural steel. Non-alloy means it doesn’t contain significant amounts of alloying elements like chromium, nickel, or molybdenum.

S355J2G3 steel plates are used in a wide range of structural and engineering applications, including construction, machinery, bridges, and more. Its high yield strength, good toughness at low temperatures, and weldability make it a popular choice for projects where structural integrity and durability are important. Additionally, it can be easily machined and formed to meet specific design requirements.

>> Equivalent Grade of S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates

The equivalent grades of S355J2G3 steel plates may vary depending on the country and standard being used for comparison. Equivalent grades are typically used to identify similar steel materials that meet similar requirements in different standards or regions. Here are some equivalent grades of S355J2G3 steel plates in different standards:

  1. ASTM/ASME Standard:

    • ASTM A572 Grade 50: This is a common equivalent grade in the United States. ASTM A572 Grade 50 has a similar minimum yield strength and is often used in structural applications.
  2. DIN Standard:

    • St 52-3: This is the German standard equivalent to S355J2G3. It is often used in Germany and neighboring European countries.
  3. JIS Standard:

    • SS490: This is the equivalent grade in the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). It is used in Japan and other Asian countries.
  4. ISO Standard:

    • E355C: This is an equivalent grade according to the ISO standard. It is used in various international applications.
  5. GB Standard (China):

    • Q345: In China, the equivalent grade to S355J2G3 is often referred to as Q345.


EN 10025-2 Steel Number DIN BS 970 1983 GOST JIS AFNOR UNI
S355J2G3 1.0570 ST52-3 150M19 17GS SM 490 E36-3 Fe 510

It’s important to note that while these grades are considered equivalent, there may still be differences in chemical composition, mechanical properties, and other factors. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm the specific requirements of your project and consult the applicable standards and specifications to ensure that the selected steel grade is suitable for your intended application.

>> Specifications of S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates

The specifications for S355J2G3 grade steel plates are typically provided by various standards organizations, and these specifications can vary depending on the specific requirements of a project or industry. Below are some of the commonly referenced specifications for S355J2G3 steel plates:

  1. EN 10025-2: This is the European standard for hot-rolled structural steel. It covers a wide range of steel grades, including S355J2G3. The standard specifies the requirements for chemical composition, mechanical properties, and delivery conditions for structural steel products.

  2. ASTM A572 / A572M: This is an American standard that covers the requirements for high-strength low-alloy structural steel, including the equivalent ASTM grade, which is often used as an alternative to S355J2G3.

  3. DIN 17100: The German standard DIN 17100 covers the general structural steel grades, and S355J2G3 is equivalent to St 52-3 in this standard.

  4. JIS G3106: The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) have their own specifications for structural steel, and the equivalent grade to S355J2G3 is often referred to as SS490.

  5. ISO 630: The ISO 630 standard covers the general technical delivery conditions for structural steel and is used internationally for specifying requirements for steel plates.

  6. BS EN 10025-2: This is the British standard that aligns with the European EN 10025-2 standard and provides similar specifications for S355J2G3 steel plates.

Item S355J2G3 – Offshore & Structural Steel Plate
Thickness 5mm-150mm
Width 1000mm-4500mm
Length 3000mm-18000mm or as custom’s request
Material En 10025-2 Steel Plate, S355J2G3 Steel Plate
Technique hot rolled
Standard EN 10025-2:2004

>> Chemical Composition of S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates

The chemical composition of S355J2G3 grade steel plates typically conforms to the requirements outlined in the EN 10025-2 standard. The specific composition may vary slightly based on the manufacturer and any customer-specific requirements, but here is a general overview of the typical chemical composition of S355J2G3 steel:

  1. C (Carbon): The carbon content in S355J2G3 steel typically ranges from 0.20% to 0.24%. Carbon is a key element in determining the strength and hardness of the steel.

  2. Si (Silicon): Silicon content is usually around 0.55%, but it may vary within a small range. Silicon helps in deoxidation and improves the steel’s mechanical properties.

  3. Mn (Manganese): Manganese content typically falls in the range of 1.60% to 1.80%. Manganese contributes to the steel’s strength and workability.

  4. P (Phosphorus): The maximum phosphorus content is generally limited to 0.035%. Excessive phosphorus can reduce the steel’s toughness.

  5. S (Sulfur): The maximum sulfur content is usually limited to 0.035%. Low sulfur levels are preferred for improved machinability.

  6. N (Nitrogen): Nitrogen content is typically less than 0.012%. Nitrogen can be an impurity and is often controlled to ensure the steel’s quality.

  7. Al (Aluminum): The maximum aluminum content is usually around 0.020%. Aluminum is used for deoxidation and grain size control.

  8. Cu (Copper): Copper content is generally less than 0.60%. Copper can improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel.

  9. Cr (Chromium), Ni (Nickel), Mo (Molybdenum): These alloying elements are typically very low or absent in S355J2G3, as it is a non-alloy structural steel.

  10. Other Trace Elements: There may be trace elements present, but they are typically controlled to very low levels.

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Al Cu Ni CEQ
S355J2G3 0.20 max. 0.55 max. 1.60 max. 0.035 max. 0.035 max. 0.30 max. 0.020 max. 0.30 max. 0.30 max. 0.45 max.

>> Mechanical Properties of S355J2G3 Grade Steel Plates

The mechanical properties of S355J2G3 grade steel plates are critical for assessing the material’s performance and suitability for various structural and engineering applications. These properties are typically specified in accordance with relevant standards, with the primary standard being EN 10025-2. Here are the typical mechanical properties of S355J2G3 steel plates:

  1. Yield Strength: The minimum yield strength of S355J2G3 is typically 355 megapascals (MPa). This means the steel will deform plastically and not experience a permanent set under this load. It’s a measure of the material’s ability to withstand a certain amount of stress without permanent deformation.

  2. Tensile Strength: The minimum tensile strength of S355J2G3 is usually in the range of 450-680 MPa. This represents the maximum stress that the material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before it fails.

  3. Elongation: S355J2G3 typically has an elongation at break (the percentage increase in length of the specimen before fracture) of around 17% to 21%. This indicates the steel’s ductility and ability to deform before breaking.

  4. Impact Properties: The impact properties are often specified in terms of the Charpy V-notch impact test. For S355J2G3, the minimum impact energy value is typically 27 joules at -20°C. This measures the material’s ability to absorb energy under impact loading, which is important for applications where the material may be subjected to sudden impacts.

  5. Hardness: The Brinell hardness of S355J2G3 steel typically ranges from 146 to 187 HB. The Brinell hardness test measures the material’s resistance to indentation and can provide an indication of its strength.

Grade Thickness (mm) Min Yield (Mpa) Tensile (Mpa) Elongation (%) Min Impact Energy
S355J2G3 8mm-100mm 315-355 Mpa 450-630 Mpa 18-20% 20 27J
101mm-200mm 285-295 Mpa 450-600 Mpa 18% 20 27J
201mm-400mm 275 Mpa 450-600Mpa 17% 20


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